Webserver Setup

Atlas Library is designed to run on Windows Server 2016 or later. There are a few installs to get the website running.

Server Requirements

A single hospital install will generally have ~50gb of data. A majority of the data is report usage data. Here is a rule of thumb sizing for a single hospital. You can scale the numbers to your size -

  • Database Server Ram: 50gb
  • Database Server Disk Space: 120gb (keep in mind the ETL’s use a staging database, so you need effectively 2x the disk space of the prod database.)
  • Server cores: 8

The website server requirements are much less. The website requires <5gb of disk space. On a shared webserver we would recommend 16gb ram and 8 cores.

Install Requirements

  • IIS Webserver with Microsoft .NET SDK 8 (Hosting Bundle)

  • Ensure the following tools are installed via Server Manager > Manage > Add Roles and Features > IIS:

    • Common HTTP Features
    • Health and Diagnostics
    • Static Content Compression
    • Security
    • .Net Extensibility 4
    • asp.net 4
    • IIS Management Console
    • IIS Management Scripts and Tools
    • Management Services
  • Java JRE. You can check your current install by running java --version in command prompt. Java can be downloaded here.

    • Add a system environment variable “JAVA_HOME” that points to the install path of java. Most likely something close to C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-17.0.1

Setup IIS

Open the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager on your Windows Server.

First, create a new site by right clicking on Site then Create New Site.

Add website

Next, fill out the require parameters. If you have setup a DNS you can enter it in the Host name box.

Add website configuration
Ideally you will add another binding for https. There are many tutorials showing how to enable HTTPS.

Finally, verify that windows authentication is enabled and all other methods are disabled.

Open authentication settings
Verify windows authentication