Version 2022.03.1

  • Fixed RW report group id’s
  • Moved username parsing into ETL from webapp
  • Moved report parameters from description into separate db table
  • Added number of report runs in last x months to reportobject table
  • Updated Slicer Dicer session tags to all be “self service”

Version 2022.02.1

  • Updated deprecated table
  • Added user RW groups

Version 2022.01.1

  • Fixed bug causing missing RW report groups
  • Fixed spelling on report parameters
  • Added User RW Report Group overrides
  • Updated deprecated run data table

Version 2021.12.1

  • Added SAP Crystal Report file link import (Requires Supplementary Crystal ETL)
  • Added More Clarity Report Groups
  • Added HRX Report parameters to system detailed description as a collapse
  • Fixed typo in SlicerDicer report type table
  • Moved sql proc’s for run data into the ETL (sql clean coming in future release)
  • Added sql query names (webapp inclusion of this feature coming in future release)
  • Added SlicerDicer report groups
  • Added run links for cubes
  • Added cert tag for cubes

Version 2021.11.1

  • Added SSAS cubes, measures, and dimensions
  • Added hierarchy for workbench reports
  • Updated creation scripts
  • Added certification tag table
  • Added EpicID to users
  • Modified UserGroup Memberships
  • Added column to ReportObjectType table (must be a Y to be searchable)

Version 2021.07.1

  • Added SlicerDicer session info to ETL
  • Updated certification tags to include self-service
  • Fixed Tableau rundata
  • Updated hierarchies for sessions
  • Added Clarity tags and tag memberships

Version 2021.06.1

  • Modularized ETL
  • Fixed a bug in the run data for SlicerDicer
  • Updated SlicerDicer column mapping to Clarity-ETL
  • Added in run time for SlicerDicer run data
  • Added LPP and PAF to Clarity
  • Added HGR to HRX relationships
  • Removed personal dashboards (IDN)
  • Added private report column

Version 2021.05.1

  • Added step to import repository information
  • Updated run data ETL connections
  • Fixed a bug in ReportObjectQuery where queries were not being removed

Version 2021.03.1

  • Updated database names
  • Fixed a bug in ReportObject merge where nulls were not being updated
  • Removed custom tables
  • Removed dev connection from ETL
  • Added Tableau and SlicerDicer

Updating to 2021.03.1

  • Rename database Data_Governance to atlas
  • Drop dg_staging database and run ETL creation script atlas_staging-creation_script.sql
  • Update ETL connections and parameters to new database names.