Special Considerations

Hyperspace Integration

Linking to Atlas from a Dashboard

  1. Create a link component
  2. Select a source of Component Editor
  3. Select an Activity type link
  4. Give your link a label
  5. In the parameters, list the Atlas activity, and then runparams: (like below)

Addition integration guides are included in the Clarity ETL which can be downloaded from the data handbook.

Adding Banner Messages

Add a global site paramter in the webapp settings > global settings.
Name: msg
Description: <Message Text>
Value: <id used to show message>

Show message by adding the message ID to the url:


To have a site wide message that does not require a URL param, leave the Value box blank when creating the param.

Adding Site Title for Dev Environments

A json key can be added to the development config file with some text to display across the top of the website.

  "banner_text": {
    "site_message": "Atlas Dev"