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/ Library

The unified report library.

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Atlas business intelligence library plugs in to your existing reporting platforms, extracts useful metadata, and displays it in a unified report library where you can easily search for, document, and launch reports.

Documenting your reporting content is easier than ever.

Attach terms - a definition of a commonly used word or acronym, such as LOS (length of stay) - to your reports so users clearly know what definition is used in each report.

View report relationships to other reports, and connected security groups.

You have the reports profile - all the run data, subscriptions, stars, and user data - at your fingertips.

Data governance strategies are easier to implement with the built in report maintenance system, and many report library status reports.

A consolidated data catalog with report metadata is the best gift to data governance!

/ Hub

A simple extract, batch job and script scheduler.

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Atlas Automation Hub is a task scheduling tool for getting data from a source and depositing it in a destination - sql servers to SFTP servers.

With the multitude of routine reporting demands it is essential to have a reliable tool to schedule the data extracts and loads!

Atlas Automation Hub will reliably run your SQL reports, delimit the data and deposit it in your vendors SFTP server.

With a multitude of options available, from GPG encryption and zip files to running batch jobs over SSH to email with embedded reports, this tool will cover your data extract needs.