The Report Metadata and Run Data ETL’s are SSIS packages and can be scheduled to run as jobs on a Microsoft SQL Server. The metadata ETL can be scheduled to run at a fairly frequent interval - every hour or few hours for example - while the run data ETL can be run daily.

The Clarity ETL must be downloaded from the data handbook.

Metadata ETL

The metadata ETL is composed of multiple SSIS packages - basically one package per source system. There is a setup ETL that creates the database tables needed for the data merge, and then each other ETL will create their own specific data tables.

Steps to Run

  1. Configure and run the supplementary ETLs

  2. Configure and run Atlas ETL’s (main ETL and run data)

    • Delete SSRS sections if not used
    • Update Clarity server and credentials
    • Update Database connection strings
    • Schedule ETL’s in SQL Agent Jobs


  • Install Visual Studio 2017. The community edition works well.
  • Visual Studio’s SQL Server Integration Services Projects extension
  • Data Storage and Processing component
    sql services component