Keep your report library in top condition.

There are a few tasks included in you Atlas Library install to help you stay on top of your library maintenance.

To Retire

Show reports where your Analysts have added a maintenance log of To Retire. If they should be retired, take action, otherwise, add a new maintenance log showing that the report is still in service.


This report searches for report content that is no longer being used, but is still available to end users. Perhaps you can consider retiring this content.

Audit Only

Find reports that have a maintenance schedule of Audit Only and perform an audit.

No Maintenance Schedule

A good report should be maintained. This will list your reports that are missing a schedule.

Edited by Others

Sometimes users outside of your Analytics team have access to edit reports, but you need your team to review the changes. This will list all reports that were edited outside of your department.

To Document

Wondering what to document next? Check this list. Your top running reports that are not yet documented will be listed.

New Undocumented

Part of the report creation process should be adding the documentation. This report will list new reports that have not yet been documented.

Users with Create

This is a listing of users who have access to create reports in your production Epic system.