A project is a group of tasks that run on the same schedule. The tasks can be set to run in parallel or series.

Projects include three primary pages:

  • All Projects This loads a paginated table of all projects along with a name cloud of project owners.
  • My Projects This loads a paginated table of all projects for the specified owner.
  • Project Details Summary page of some project events and a few actions that can be taken.
  • New Project The page to create or edit a project. If no projects, or no tasks exists, users are directed here to create a project.
my projects

Project Details

There are two actions a user can take in a project - delete or edit.

There are a few task control options:

  • New This will redirect to the task page, tasks can only be created under a project.
  • Disable All This will disable all tasks in the project from running.
  • Enable All This will enable all tasks in the project to run.
  • Run All This will immediately run all enabled tasks.

New Project

When creating or editing a project the same steps can be used. By default a new project is owned by the creator. However, users have the option of taking ownership of existing projects by checking the “Take Ownership of Project” button.

Run Tasks in Sequence

Checking this box will run the tasks in a series instead of in parallel. The run order is determined by the job rank (1,2,3,4…) and if there is no rank, or a duplicate value, the tasks are sorted by name (1,2,3…a,b,c…).


There are three types of triggers for a project.


The cron schedule is used to run on specific dates or times. It follows the typical linux type cron scheduling. More information can be found here and some examples.

Check the “Use a cron schedule” box to enable a cron schedule.

Fill in parameters as required. Leave fields blank as a wildcard.

For example, to run a task ever Monday at 8 AM, set the option “day of the week” to 0, and “hour of the day” to 8.


The interval schedule runs tasks with a duration between them. For example, running a task every 20 minutes. Check the “Use an interval schedule” box to enable an interval schedule.

An interval schedule will run a project “ever x

  • week(s)
  • day(s)
  • hour(s)
  • minute(s)
  • second(s)

One Off

It is also possible to schedule an additional one-time schedule.


See the parameters page for more parameter options.