Setup Postgres

Atlas Hub uses a Postgres database. The database can be shared and on another server. Here’s a short install guide if you would like to set everything on the same server.

Here is a quick guide to install postgres if you do not already have a database configured.

After setting up the database you should revisit the postgres config and tune it to work best on your server.

Install Packages

apt install -y postgresql postgresql-contrib

Start Postgres

# start and enable it.
systemctl start postgresql
systemctl enable postgresql

# or if you are in docker
apt install -y sudo
/etc/init.d/postgresql start

You can check if postgres is running with pg_isready.

Create a user and database

# create a web user
su - postgres -c "psql --command \"CREATE USER web_user WITH PASSWORD '1234_with_single_quotes';\""

# give user access to a db
su - postgres -c "createdb -O web_user atlas-hub"