Release notes have been moved into the releases.

Version 0.0.1-rc.8

Using “release candidate” tags until we are able to get more apt install testing/feedback.

  • Added query caching for web query sources, when source is offline, cache can be used
  • Added filename preview
  • Enhanced feedback messages
  • Change log format to console style
  • Updated UI
  • Added option to require SQL output
  • Added support for email to sms service
  • Updated to allow multiple source files to be moved to a destination, keeping original name
  • Fixed layout issue on connection page
  • Fixed search layout on chrome

Version 2021.08.1

  • Fixed installer for latest Poetry update
  • Added ability to run tasks in sequence
  • Updated html linter
  • Added better error handling when task runner is offline
  • Added python package lookup for py processor
  • Added option to use parameters in file names
  • Added option to pre-parse parameters using python date formats

Version 2021.04.1

  • Added SAML auth as default
  • Changed to use flask-login for user session
  • Increased test cov to 60%
  • Hide nav when showing 400/500 errors
  • Fixed bug where errored > run all now button was not working
  • Fixed bug with screen resize when changing tabs
  • Updated project page to have logs on tab 2
  • Fixed bug with adding duplicate SMB connections when creating a new connection
  • Added option to include custom line ending in output text files
  • Added background task for maintenance

Version 2021.03.1

  • Rewrote Scheduler API as flask application factory
  • Changed task enable/disable to a toggle
  • Fixed bug that didn’t allow py scripts from a git url
  • Fixed bug that was hiding organization input on new ssh tasks
  • Updated to latest version of SQL Alchemy
  • Added in run duration
  • Added file checksum to file logs
  • Added option to rerun all running tasks from dashboard
  • Added logging of current row count of exports from SQL Server queries
  • Fixed bug with parsing sql queries to remove “go” command
  • Added basic search
  • Added option to encrypt files with gpg keys
  • Fixed bug resending blanks files to SFTP servers
  • Fixed display issue with cron schedules on projects
  • Allow gitlab/hub “blob” urls as well as “raw” urls
  • Added ability to auto retry extracts x number of times
  • Fixed a few timezone bugs
  • Fixed display issue with code previews
  • Added option to embed output file in email vs sending as attachment
  • Added option to connect to SFTP servers with SSH keys
  • Added file streaming for large queries/files to reduce memory usage
  • Fixed file size calculation