Windows Server

Window server monitor uses SSH to collect data.

Powershell version >= 5.1 is required.

Enabling SSH on Windows Servers

  1. Download the latest release of OpenSSH-Win[32 or 64].zip
  2. Unzip the contents into c:/Program Files/OpenSSH-Win64 (or 32 depending on your download)
  3. Edit the system path to include the new folder (Control Panel > System > Advanced > Environment Variables)

Next run some of the Powershell scripts (as administrator) that are in the new folder to setup open ssh.

.\ssh-keygen.exe -A

# check that the setup is ok


Now if you have firewall enabled you can add a firewall rule to allow connections via port 22.

  1. Open Control Panel > System and Security > Windows … Firewall > Advanced Settings
  2. Add a new “Inbound Rule”
  3. Select type=custom
  4. Select all programs
  5. Select Protocol type=TCP
  6. Select Local ports=Specific Ports and add 22

Finally, edit the services to use a windows domain service account that is part of the PC’s administrator group.

  1. Open Services
  2. Find the two OpenSSH services.
  3. Set them both to start automatically.
  4. On the Properties > Log On add your admin service account.

Start the services!


The services may fail to start. This is normal and some security points may need to be added to your administrator group.

See here for a list of specific security points to check.

Another guide to help with troubleshooting:


EAI_AGAIN error is a error in resolving the hostname. Either use IP addresses or update the host file on your server with the correct mapping (nano /etc/hosts)