Setup Postgres

Atlas System uses a Postgres database. The database can be shared and on another server. Here’s a short install guide if you would like to set everything on the same server.

After setting up the database you should revisit the postgres config and tune it to work best on your server.

Install Packages

apt install -y postgresql postgresql-contrib

Start Postgres

systemctl start postgresql

# let it start on reboot
systemctl enable postgresql

If you are running in Docker…

If you are demoing in docker you will need run different commands to get it started as docker doesn’t include systemd.

apt install -y sudo
/etc/init.d/postgresql start

Create a user and database

# create a web user
su - postgres -c "psql --command \"CREATE USER web_user WITH PASSWORD '1234_with_single_quotes';\""

# give user access to a db
su - postgres -c "createdb -O web_user atlas-system"