Using Atlas

Discover how to navigate and take full advantage of all the features!

Report Library Objects


Reports are the cornerstone of Atlas BI Library. System data is brought in through the ETLs and more documentation can be added in the app.

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A terms provides a definition that can be shared across many reports and collections. Terms are a powerful way to identify key concepts in your report library.

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Collections are a tool used to group similar terms and reports together with summary documentation. Inside a collection you can review users and usage as a combined total.

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Initiatives are a tool used to combine collections together into a larger project with some additional documentation.

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User Profiles

User profiles are a quick way to find who is using your reporting content, provides tools for sharing content, and more!

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Group Profiles

Group profiles identify users in groups from your various reporting systems or LDAP. Quickly find groups that use your reporting content.

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Administrator Tools

Access Control

Learn how to secure your library by creating access groups and assigning permissions to users.

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Customize you install by setting parameters to configure search, add global site messages, set documentation options and more!

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Tasks are a combination of prebuilt reports to help govern your report library. Quickly identify areas where attention is needed.

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